Highlighting our Market Leading Flood Program

Our Flood Program is available to you at discounted rates for residential condo associations and commercial property risks. We offer both primary and excess flood coverage; with excess flood to include Business Interruption coverage as well as excess on high dollar single family residences.

While approximately 40% of flood risks are based in Florida, we are having a great deal of success in coastal states like California, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and New York.

The market is demanding an alternative to NFIP coverage for a number of reasons. First, NFIP rates are rapidly increasing and as mentioned we offer very competitive, discounted rates. Second, NFIP requires each property have its own policy while with our program we allow insurers to list multiple properties on one policy. Additionally, NFIP policies do not offer ordinance or law coverage; and our Program can provide this either as part of a more comprehensive policy, or even as a monoline policy to fill gaps in coverage. This is not offered anywhere else in the market.

Also important to note that we can offer a sub-limit for flood coverage if desired and the minimum premium is just $1,000.

Please contact us to provide the most comprehensive and competitive flood coverage to your clients.