Introducing Our Parking Garage Program

Save your clients thousands in property premium: Introducing our market-leading Parking Garage Program.

The property market is dynamic as ever— especially in the state of Florida.  As we see it continue to harden, there has been notable variance in pricing, deductibles, coverage, and/or capacity in the second half of the year. We view this as an opportunity to better serve you and your clients and with that, wish to share details on our Parking Garage Program.

The Parking Garage Program is unique as it reallocates the total insured value of the garage structure away from the main building. A separate policy is then crafted to cover the parking structure, maximizing savings on your primary property premium! We have seen an 80% hit ratio with this program and saved insureds up to $400,000 on their property policies in the state of Florida.

The program has a very broad appetite with no minimum premium, no age restrictions and no distance to water limitation for wind and hail coverage. A $1,000,000 flood sublimit is included and available in all zones and locations.


Eligible Parking Garage Properties Include:


  • Municipal Parking Garages
  • Hospitals
  • Condo Associations
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Office Towers
  • Theaters
  • Universities
  • Hotels

This program is written admitted paper and is available nationwide. We are confident this Program will save your insured significant premiums in the hardening market. Please contact us today for additional details.