Introducing our Restaurant Program

We are proud to introduce our new market leading Restaurant Program.

Further to last month’s communication which highlighted the Worker’s Compensation capabilities, we are proud to now showcase our market leading Restaurant Program.

The Program offers the industry’s most broad, comprehensive and competitive coverage for Family and Fine Dining Restaurants in Texas, Florida, Colorado, California, Arizona and South Carolina. We have exclusive access to this Program allowing us to quote, bind and issue policies in house!

The underwriting formula is based on the number of seats and amount of square footage in the restaurant— and is not based on restaurant sales.  With that, we are extremely competitive with family and fine dining establishments that generate larger revenues. Importantly, there is no audit at the end of the year as with most programs.


Other Program Highlights


  • Property coverage available in broad, basic, or special form.  Property coverage includes; building contents, business income, equipment breakdown, outside signs, computer equipment, food spoilage, and crime
  • General liability coverage rated in seating capacity / revenues and includes assault and battery, garage keepers liability
  • Liquor liability coverage

In addition to Family and Fine Dining Restaurants, we also offer programs across all 50 states for bars, taverns, nightclubs, live music clubs, piano bars, comedy clubs, adult entertainment clubs, live music venues, and hotels and motels. Given our broad appetite and deep market expertise within the hospitality industry, we look forward to providing your client with the best coverage the market has to offer.