One80 Encourages You to Attend “The Impact of Covid-19 on Lloyd’s Program Business” Webinar

One80 is pleased to announce that Christopher L. Pesce, National Director of One80 Intermediaries, will moderate the next TMPAA town hall on Thursday, June 4 at 11AM EDT.

Here he will discuss impact of COVID-19 on Lloyd’s and what program administrators can expect from this marketplace going forward. More specifically, the panel of experts will explore:

  • The state of Lloyd’s market before COVID-19 
  • How is COVID-19 impacting Lloyd’s now?
  • What will Lloyd’s be like after COVID-19?
  • What sort of insurance market globally will we have post COVID-19?
  • Will COVID-19 impact program capacity at Lloyd’s?
  • What lasting effects will there be on the Lloyd’s market and how it currently operates?

The panel of market leaders will include:

  • Jason Collins, CEO and Head of Global Broking, Tysers
  • Peter Montanaro, Head of Syndicate Capability Oversight, Lloyd’s
  • Dominick Hoare, Group CUO, Munich Re Syndicate Limited
  • Chris Pesce [Moderator], TMPAA President, National Director, One80 Intermediaries

You are not required to be a TMPAA member or a Program Administrator to attend. You will find topics of discussion will be relevant throughout the insurance industry and beyond.

Click here for full details and registration information.