One80 Offers High New Worth Personal Lines Products in ME, MA and RI

We are pleased to inform you that one of One80 Intermediaries’ partner markets, Vault, is now offering coverage on admitted paper for High Net Worth Personal Lines products in MA, ME & RI. We also have access to their non-admitted paper for homes that do not qualify for the admitted programs.

Coverage is available for coastal primary, secondary and island homes. Monoline coverage is available for both primary and secondary homes including long-term and short-term RTO locations (Airbnb & VRBO).  Monoline coverage will also be considered if other locations and lines are with other carriers.

Vault uses the same claims adjuster and inspectors for both admitted and non-admitted policies.  Vault manages all taxes and filings and policies are billed directly to the client.    

Other Highlights include the following:

  • Minimum coverage A replacement cost is $1M. If multiple homes are insured, lesser values can be considered as long as at least one home is valued at $1M or greater.
  • No elevation certificates are required.
  • No hurricane deductible required, although Vault can provide options upon request.
  • Vault’s risk consulting will review current appraisals to consider reducing coverage A limits on accounts believed to be overvalued. In most cases inspections can be waived so not to disturb the client and to avoid incurring inspections fees.

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