One80 Intermediaries Lenika Milne on Digital Marketing

– Lenika Milne, Director of Sales & Marketing, One80 Intermediaries


As we began to conceptualize One80 Intermediaries one of the critical tenets that we determined to operate under was to challenge the status quo in terms of how we define ourselves and in terms of how the broader industry has traditionally defined roles like Marketing and Communications.

Our clients and carrier partners live and operate around the globe. Our audience today is very much a global village connected through digital media and real time access. How and what we communicate becomes the basis by which we define ourselves to our customers, our clients and to our own internal constituents.

Most industry participants have a tendency to segregate Marketing, Communications and Business Development into separate roles and functional towers. At One80, we believe these roles serve the singular purpose of communicating who we are to the broader marketplace and give our organization a clear voice and articulation by which we define our specialist value proposition.

We believe our website, along with our strong social media presence provides a window into who we are as an organization and how we differentiate through specialization and deep product knowledge.

In an industry that most surveys suggest is “digitally conservative”, our team is working hard to rethink industry norms and collapse barriers to success. Embracing new digital formats including social media, mobile, cloud and data driven insights, allows One80 the opportunity to be truly disruptive and innovative in the way we present ourselves to  the market. A New Direction in Specialty Insurance.