New Fleet Programs for Commercial, Last Mile, NEMT, and Trucking Fleet and Recent Wins

One80’s Commercial Auto Liability and Physical Damage program is designed for fleets of between 10-100 units and is available nationwide! One80 is here to be your go-to wholesale and MGA market for all lines of coverage. In fact we have recently expanded our access to new, industry leading Auto Liability markets!

Additionally we offer premium financing, various reporting and payment plan options. We also offer other coverages such as Occupational Accident, Texas Non-Subscriber and Workers Compensation.

Target Classes 
Commercial AutoLocal-Intermediate-Long Haul Trucking
Last MileOversize-Overweight
CourierDry Van
Black CarJitneys
Shuttle BusesSand & Gravel
Box TrucksDump Trucks
Cargo VansTank Trucks
DistributorsConcrete Mixer
Freight Broker 


Recent Wins

Number of UnitsVehicle TypesGarage StateCommoditiesRadiusCoverages
1Auto HaulerFLAutosLong HaulTruckers’ AL Package
1XH Truck TractorCADry Van / ReferLong HaulOccupational Accident
1Box TruckNJHousehold Furniture200 milesLast Mile Package
3XH Truck TractorUTFlatbedLong HaulWorkers Compensation, Employer’s Liability
5Box TruckVAAppliances / Furniture200 milesLast Mile Package
5XH Truck TractorCADry Van / ReferLong HaulTruckers’ AL Package
5Various CommercialCAParcels100 milesLast Mile Package
10+XH Truck TractorGADry Van / ReferLong HaulOccupational Accident, Contingent Liability
10+Box TruckTNDept. Store Goods200 milesLast Mile Package
20+XH Truck TractorCADry Van / ReferLong HaulWorkers Compensation, Employer’s Liability
30+Box TruckMAHousehold Furniture200 milesWorkers Compensation, Employer’s Liability
70+XH Truck TractorILDry FreightLong HaulTruckers’ AL Package, Occupational Accident, Contingent Liability
80+XH Truck TractorPADry FreightLong HaulOccupational Accident, Contingent Liability


The Highlighted Features this program has to offer include:

  • Nationwide availability
  • Multi-state policies available
  • State and Federal Filings available as needed
  • Package Options
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Favorable premium financing terms
  • Reporting Options
  • Deductible/SIR options available
  • Experienced Underwriters
  • Broad Appetite

Coverages Available for this program are:

  • Auto Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Hired and Non-Owned Liability
  • General Liability
  • Excess
  • Other related package coverages as requested
  • Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability
  • Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability

Requirements Needed for an Initial Submission:

  • Industry-specific Application
  • Vehicle/Driver lists
  • 5 years of Loss Runs
  • MVR’s
  • IFTA’s for applicable Trucking risks

For more information on trucking and commercial auto packages, please contact Kevin Wiley at 858-444-3260 (ext.1053) or

For more information on workers compensation and occupational accident, please contact Janet Elliott at 858-444-3260 (ext.1058) or

For all general inquiries on One80 Intermediaries please email: