Three Generations of Success

Mary Heagerty, Managing Director, EE Hall, a division of One80 Intermediaries

From humble beginnings as a small property and casualty insurance brokerage, we at EE Hall are proud of the legacy we have created which began nearly 150 years ago. It’s a legacy that continues today under the third generation ownership by me and my husband, Michael Heagerty. The two of us along with our team of specialists are committed to providing innovative solutions, diverse products and uncompromising service to our clients and their insureds.

We have worked tirelessly to grow our family business, and in fact our four children work at EE Hall!  As we look to the future, we feel that our innovative spirit which made us so successful, will be increasingly important. With that as a backdrop, we felt that the best way to grow the business for our clients, insureds and family would be to find a partner that shares our work ethic, values and focus on service.

We were very impressed with the One80 team. Matt Power and the leadership team are making key investments in technology and talent that separate the company from the competition. Their focus on specialization and entrepreneurial culture will ensure we can continue to exceed our client expectations – we at EE Hall are thrilled to join the team.  One80, a new direction in specialty insurance.