A full service Managing General Underwriter of Medical Stop Loss Insurance

We have full authority to underwrite and manage stop loss insurance on behalf of leading stop loss carriers. We are backed by a team of experienced professionals who bring stability, innovation, and quality service to our partners and clients.

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Targeted Classes

  • Commercial Employer – Employee Businesses
  • Taft- Hartley Multi-Employer
  • Public Entities
  • Benefit Consortiums
  • Reference Based Pricing Structures
  • National Accounts

Highlighted Features

  • Highly Rated Carriers
  • Available Nationwide
  • Full Binding Authority
  • Existing relationship with all Major ASO plan
  • Full complement of Regional and National TPA relationships
  • Industry Leader in Underwriting Reference Based Pricing Plans
  • ACH/Electronic payment process to expedite claim reimbursements and commission payments
  • Have contracted with Best-In-Class vendors to assist clients with cost management strategies
  • Shared Risk Options

Available Coverages

  • Specific and Aggregate Stop Loss
  • Aggregating Specific Options
  • Creative Risk Sharing Arrangements
  • Specific Deductible Levels down to $25k
  • Monthly Aggregate Accommodation
  • Specific Advance without added cost
  • No New Laser Options

Submission Requirements

  • Age, Gender and zip code
  • Dependent tier status
  • Indication of active, retiree, or cobra status
  • Coverage by plan
  • Monthly claims and enrollment
  • Large claims reporting